Marina Putilovskaya is one of the most popular and professional interior designers in Russia. She designs and creates the interior the way an artist paints his picture. There is nothing equal to her interiors, which are never copied and always have her personal signature on.

Author's stained-glass windows, decorative stucco work, marble compositions, wrought iron products, beautiful furniture and accessories are exclusive items designed by Marina Putilovskaya. Interior is supposed to be more than just style and beauty, it must create the atmosphere of comfort and cosiness.

Marina Putilovskaya became a designer in the late 1990s. She graduated from the best Russian university of art “Strogonovka” with a degree in “the artist of the interiors”. She was the first Russian designer, who won the tender for a post of the chief art director of a very popular and prestigious company “Trueggelmann” and underwent training in Germany.

Marina creates not only private interiors but also the public ones such as well known restaurants “Palazzo Ducale”, “Imperial hunting”, “Club T”, “the Temple of a Dragon”, “The White Sun of the Desert”, “Ki-Ka-Ku”. The second floor and a verandah in the restaurant Mario is one of her latest designs.

In 2010 “Marina Putilovskaya’s Design Bureau” won in the tender for design of the Patriarch residence in St. Danilovsky Monastery.

In 2013 "Marina Putilovskaya's Design Bureau" won in the tender for design of the restaurant "Piazza Rossa" in the historic hotel of Moscow "National".

During the International Furniture exhibition in Milan 2011 she organized “Days of Marina Putilovskaya”, which were taking place for 3 days and everyone could see her work together with the most popular Italian companies “Jumbo Collection”, “Mechini’, “Riva”, and “Boiserie Italia”. This event turned out to be the first one in the history of Italian exhibitions, when a Russian designer presented herself and her works.

Today “Marina Putilovskaya’s Design Bureau” works under the projects not only in Russia but also in France, Germany, Monaco, UK, Italy, Ukraine, Kazakhstan...

For the last 20 years she has gained many regular customers and good friends such as Gusinsky, Berezovsky, Dyachenko, Winer, Tabakov, Kurbatskaya, Novikov, Hait and others.

Having a house designed by Marina Putilovskaya is very prestigious because each of her work is a true masterpiece.

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